COVID 19 Resource Center

When it comes to solutions, JB Medical always puts our consumers at the forefront. Therefore, ensuring the Health and Wellbeing starts with our own staff, and extends to the consumers we serve. At JB Medical, we have implemented and adhered to strict COVID-19 protocols to reduce risks, according to the current COVID-19 legislations and guidelines.

Some examples of our COVID-19 plan

JB Medical Workplace (Office & warehouses)

Office spaces are generally spaced at least 2m apart

If the 1.5m rule can’t be adhered to, masks wearing is mandated, i.e. meetings, warehousing

All staff have received the booster anti-Covid19 shots

Common areas and high-touch surfaces are frequently and thoroughly cleaned

Encouraging good hygiene practices with signage

Having adequate air ventilation

Regular consultations to ensure current guidelines are implemented

Positive or close-contact and asymptomatic cases

If tested COVID-19 positive- Flexible work from home arrangement & adhering to latest guidelines

Upon return to workplace at testing positive, masks should be worn for a further 7 days

These staff members do not visit high-risk settings like hospitals and aged-care for at least 14 days

Delivery drivers, service staff & medical equipment cleaners (Hospitals, Aged-care and homes)

Staff don single-use PPE when handling medical equipment

Staff are fully trained and informed of any site-specific COVID-19 plans and requirements

Service Staff do not enter households with any member in isolation

Cleaning, storing and retrieval of medical equipment

Our cleaning procedures adhere to strict guidelines to prevent cross-contamination at all stages

refer to “Service Centre” page for full details

Education and Training

JB Medical strives to equip our customers with the best information to enable them to make the best clinically accurate and relevant decisions. The key to this is educating and training the end-users for the proper use of our equipment and consumables. We are passionate about providing valuable, accurate and trustworthy resources, evidence and solutions to everyone so that all could enjoy the full benefits of the beneficial, valuable and innovative healthcare solutions.

Our team of technical and clinical specialists are able to tailor according to any specific education needs (Face-face or remotely).
Examples of our training programs- product demonstrations, training or in-services, seminars, lectures

Please consult us to discuss your options and possibilities

COVID 19 Resource Center