Living Aids

Especially for people with chronic illnesses or impairments, not every day is easy but can be with living aids.

We, at JB Medical, comprehend the importance of renting living aids equipment and its vital function in decreasing injuries, mitigating physical and legal liabilities, and safeguarding the health of patients.

Adding comfort to daily life.

Living Aids Equipment Hire

With our solutions, we prioritise patient safety and ensure that staff members have immediate access to relevant information.

These solutions have been tailored to meet the needs of hospitals, assisted living facilities, and private residences.

The utilisation of motion detection technology by Proximate Nurse Call enables effective communication between nursing staff, caregivers, and patients regarding movement.

This innovative system can be conveniently integrated into different pressure-relieving gadgets, beds, and chairs.

We prioritise the creation of a safe and supportive space for patients during their sleep by providing roll-out beds that establish clear and accommodating sleeping setups.

By equipping nurses with the necessary knowledge and resources, we establish the norm for early detection and prevention of falls and injuries.

Opting for mattresses that are closer to the ground can have a substantial impact on reducing the risk of severe injuries, thereby preventing potential harm.

Our beds can specifically facilitate patients’ safe and assisted movement on and off their beds.

Patients will benefit from our training and guidance on the proper utilisation of our products, which will also result in an extended lifespan for the equipment.


Our Living Aid Solutions


Initiating progress in the area of educating about preventing falls.

JB Medical‘s unwavering dedication lies in enabling our clients to make the most of our equipment.

By offering comprehensive guidance on the proper utilization of our products, we not only enhance patient outcomes but also ensure the prolonged functionality of the equipment.

Living Aids
Living Aids


Disability Status

Disability status measures the severity of limitations experienced by individuals. In 2018, Findings reveal that these are the proportions of people in comparison to the Australian population:

  1. Profound limitation was 3.2%
  2. Severe limitation was 2.6%
  3. Moderate limitation was 2.4%
  4. Mild limitation was 6.1%

Disability general:

Disability is a multi-faceted condition that has multiple interactions between the health condition and:

  1. external factors: Community attitudes, access to quality care and services & environmental conditions
  2. Personal factors: mental health, physical capabilities, age, gender

These factors can have a positive or negative impact on the person’s ability and well-being to perform activities of daily living (ADLs). Therefore, personal disability can be varied between two different individuals with similar health conditions. They may experience totally different levels of symptoms and problems.

  • There are 4.4 million or 18% of the Australian population living with a disability (1 in 6 people) in 2018
  • Physical is the main form of disability affecting 77% of people with at least one disability. For the remaining 23%, the main form of disability is mental (ABS 2019b).
  • The prevalence of disability generally increases with age with 50% of people aged 65 and over are registered to have a disability (ABS 2019b).
  • One-third of people with disability have a severe and profound disability requiring constant help with daily self-care, mobility or communication. This is 1.41 million or 5.7% of the total Australian population (ABS 2019a).
Frequently Asked Questions

JB Medical offers a wide range of living aid equipment to assist individuals with daily activities.

Generally, they provide mobility aids, bathroom aids, bedroom aids, daily living aids, and home safety aids.

Moreover, their products aim to improve independence, safety, and quality of life for individuals with different needs and challenges.

Living aid equipment is beneficial for individuals with mobility limitations as it increases their independence, safety, and convenience.

Furthermore, it allows for increased mobility, prevents falls, improves accessibility, promotes independence in daily tasks, and overall enhances their quality of life.

JB Medical offers customisable living aid products to meet individual needs.

In addition, they work closely with customers to understand their preferences and tailor the products accordingly, ensuring comfort and functionality.

JB Medical offers installation and setup assistance for their living aid equipment.

Also, they provide product demonstrations, technical support, and educational resources to help customers learn the proper use of their products.

Subsequently, customers can contact the company for more information or assistance.

To purchase living aid equipment from JB Medical, visit their website or search for them on any search engine.

Browse their product catalogue, select the desired product, and view details and pricing.

Next, add the product to your cart, review and make any changes, and then proceed to checkout and provide the necessary information.

At this time, complete the purchase by following instructions and providing payment details.

Afterwards, receive a confirmation email and expect delivery within the specified timeframe.