3pp® Toe Loops®, Narrow, Beige, 25/pkt

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The unique cushioning and grip of our foam-lined material makes these 3pp Toe Loops ideal for repositioning toes to treat fractures, hammertoes and overlapping toes.
  • Loop and wrap design secures two or more toes together to stabilise fractures and correct flexible hammertoes and claw toes.
  • The layer of thin, dense foam offers superior pressure distribution without adding bulk.
  • Easy to apply and so light and comfortable, Toe Loops can be worn in any type of footwear.
  • Available in two sizes in a pack of 5 or 25.
    • Narrow: 2.2cm wide & 4.1cm long to accommodate smaller toes.
    • Wide: 3.1cm wide & 5.4cm long and fits the big toe.
Caution: Not recommended for those with diabetes or compromised circulation. Consult your health care provider if you have any condition that may affect circulation.
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