Alaise Pumpless Hybrid

The Alaise Pumpless Hybrid Mattress, offered exclusively through JB Medical Equipment, stands as a pioneering Hybrid Static Care Support Surface that seamlessly integrates the pressure redistribution advantages inherent in both foam and air technologies. 

Engineered with a sophisticated array of over 13 individual Air Cells, it ensures unparalleled comfort, precise anatomical support, and effective alleviation of pressure points. This mattress is specifically designed to meet the exacting demands of long-term care settings, where achieving optimal pressure care is paramount and where ease of maintenance is a critical consideration.

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  • Airoform Response Immersion Interface Layer
  • 4 X Anatomically Zoned Air Cell Structure
  • Support / Anti-shear Reservoir
  • Full Length & Width Pressure Care Surface
  • Sloped Heel Pressure Transfer and Protection Zone
  • Premium Firm Foundation Layer & Hinged Strengthened Sides
  • Super Shear Inner Cover
  • Premiflex Ultra Premium Breathe Pressure Care Cover
  • Easy Maintenance
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