The IC111 is an asthetic homecare bed featuring head lift and knee break. Designed to be your low-risk extra mobility bed option, with a large bed size and colour selection. Compatible with Icare accessories to fulfil your bedroom requirements.

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  • 200kg Safe Working Load Per Side
  •  Fixed Base Height 37cm
  •  Available With Headboards
  •  Rechargeable Battery Backup
  •  Lockable Heavy Duty Castors
  • Strong Breathable Mattress Platform
  • End And Side Mattress Retainer Bars
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Back Lit Wipeable Hand Piece
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 Safe working load The safe working load is 200kg per side and includes any model
of Icare mattresses.
Hand Piece Backlit for night time use. Easy press buttons. Wired stretch cord. Hook
attachment for hanging to side of bed. Wipeable.
 Fabric  Hard wearing commercial grade fabric.
 Mattress Surface Strong metal mesh under mattress allowing increased airflow.
Actuators 1x 6000 newton – 24 watt head adjust actuator. 1x 6000 newton – 24 watt
knee adjust actuator.
 No pull motors for added safety.


Wheels large lockable heavy duty swivel castors on each corner.
 Head Lift angle 62º
 Knee break angle 42º
 Base fixed height 37cm from floor to top of base.


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