Darco Softie Post Operative Shoe, Latex Free, Men, Small

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The DARCO Softie™ Shoe is a cost effective alternative to the more premium shoes while still providing the rigidity and control of the forefoot you have come to expect from all DARCO products.

  • Economical, post-op shoe indicated for soft tissue trauma or surgery
  • Semi-rigid metatarsal shank provides control of forefoot motion to protect after surgery to the metatarsal head area of the forefoot
  • Tri-Laminated upper made of light weight tricot-foam material is breathable and comfortably conforms to bony abnormalities.
  • Hook and loop straps are easy to fasten and unfasten with one hand
  • Colour classic black
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Sizes based on US shoe size.
 Description   Size   Shoe Size 
 Womens  S  4 – 6
 M  6.8 – 8
 L  8.5 – 10
 Mens  S  6 – 8
 M  8.5 – 10
 L  10.5 – 12
 XL  12.5 – 14
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