Jordan Frame

• Supine lifting device including 2 piece frame, gliders & strap kit for hoist
• 2 sizes – wide (SWL 200kg) and extra wide (SWL 230kg)
• Suitable for yoke hook attachment (preferably 4 Point Yoke)

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Allegro Concepts offer a broad range of accessories that interface with the Allegro steel frame lifting hoists, the Allegro Lite aluminium frame lifting hoists plus many non-Allegro lifting hoists.
Some accessories (such as the Jordan Frame) are designed to increase the functionality of existing patient lifting equipment. In this case a regular patient lifting hoist with yoke hook attachment
can be used to lift patients requiring total spinal immobility e.g. unstable quadriplegia immediately post trauma. Other accessories (such as the Sling Bag) help to make the process of lifting and transferring patients a more ergonomic task. Time is saved with the carer having ready access to the lifting sling at all times. Allegro Concepts Hoist Accessories are designed and manufactured in Australia, with a view to providing healthcare facilities with customized patient transfer packages that meet the needs of each individual client.

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Available on: Alto, Kratos and other large non-Allegro hoists

Indications: Lifting patients requiring spinal or orthopedic immobility

Useful for: Floor lifts where spinal or orthopedic injury is suspected

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