Yoke Spreader Bar – Standard With Integrated Weigh Scale

The Allegro Concepts weigh scale choice is an all-purpose weighing module that is beneficial for individuals in need of continuous weight monitoring for their overall health and wellness. This module offers the following features:

  • A maximum weight limit of 320kg
  • Graduations of 100g
  • A tare function
  • The ability to convert between kilograms and pounds
  • It is compatible with yoke or pivots attachments
  • It is an ideal solution for situations where patients require a high level of support, making weighing a challenging task.
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Allegro Concepts’ Hoist Accessories are crafted and produced in Australia with the objective of furnishing healthcare institutions with tailored patient transfer solutions that cater to the unique requirements of every single client.

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All day-to-day patient lifting
• Monitor patient wellbeing
• Minimal loss of hoist lifting height (approx. 20mm)
• 320 kg SWL
• Easily adaptable to any style of patient hoist
• Use with general purpose (loop attachment) slings
• Non-absorbent polyurethane padding

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