Infection Control Procedure

As a commitment to our service, JB Medical Equipment can guarantee that the following procedure will meet all the requirements stipulated. This procedure has been evaluated as part of our ISO ACCREDITATION.
JB Medical Equipment uses vehicles set up with 2 compartments to facilitate the continued physical separation of clean and soiled mattresses for transportation to our service centre.

The process we follow begins with the collection of the soiled mattress from the clinical area.
Once the product has been cancelled using a telephone call by the hospital member of staff/community, an authorised officer of JB Medical Equipment will dispatch its technician to facilitate the collection. On entering the clinical area, with the protection of gloves and aprons, the mattress will be deflated, rolled and sealed in a plastic bag.
The pump will be unplugged and secured in a separate plastic bag. Once the mattresses are successfully packaged and deemed safe for transportation through the hospital, the technician will return the soiled goods and place them in the soiled section of the JB Medical Equipment vehicle.

At the Service Centre, the sealed, soiled good is placed within a holding area ready for the cleaning process to commence.
Only when cleaning is to begin, the mattress is opened and placed on our processing bench. The external covering is washed using ECOLAB Eltra mechanically whilst the internal structure is thoroughly wiped down with Tuffie 5s. Once fully cleaned, the mattress and tube set is dried and re-assembled, leak tested, and then stamped with an ‘Ok for use’ sticker to indicate that it is safe for use.

The pump is wiped down with the same Tuffie 5s wipes and the mains lead and plug. It is then electrically safety tested, flow tested and fully serviced.

Service Centre

Our service centre is designed to allow the laundering of mattresses through a single directional flow. By design, used systems do not come into contact with clean systems at any point in the process. The warehousing of mattresses, pumps and spare parts are acquired in a separate area.

Our service centre is located within the premises and is routinely independently inspected and audited to ensure infection control is kept to an optimal level. All cleaning products used are TGA approved and are supplied from leaders in the cleaning industry.

Mattress and cushion covers are cleaned using ECOLAB Eltra which has been tested to disinfect to AS/NZS 4146:2000. Surfaces which cannot be machine washed are cleaned and disinfected using Vernacare Tuffie5s, a 2in1 wipe which is scientifically proven to destroy five major groups of pathogens, including:
‐ Spores, such as C.diff
‐ Bacteria, including E.coli and MRSA
‐ Mycobacteria, eg Mycobacterium Terrae
‐ Yeasts and fungi, like Candida
‐ Viruses, such as Hepatitis C, HIV/Aids

Items are routinely checked and inspected using clean trace surface testers to check for proper cleaning, sterilisation, and disinfection. JB Medical Equipment invites a site visit at any time to inspect our procedures.