Pressure Care Mattress

A pressure care mattress prevents bedsores by distributing body weight and reducing stress on the skin for bedridden individuals. JB Medical understands the importance of pressure care for patients and offers a variety of options for those in need.

A pressure-relieving mattress can also help alleviate back pain for patients. We recognise that optimal patient care involves addressing multiple needs, and our range of pressure-relieving mattresses offers a solution for those suffering from both bedsores and back pain.

Whether you need to rent, hire, or purchase a pressure care mattress, JB Medical has you covered. With high-quality products and excellent customer service, JB Medical is the go-to provider for all your pressure care needs. So don’t compromise on comfort and health, choose JB Medical for your pressure care mattress solutions. We have Diamond Auto 8, Sterling 211 and more.

Pressure Care

Benefits of using a pressure care mattress

  • Pressure care mattresses prevent pressure ulcers and sores for bedridden or immobile individuals, reducing the risk of serious health complications. Moreover, these mattresses distribute weight evenly, reducing pressure and preventing ulcers.
  • It improves comfort and quality of sleep. The right pressure care mattress can enable people to sleep peacefully without experiencing any discomfort or pain. This can lead to better mood, better quality of life, and faster recovery times.
  • Designers create them to minimise the chances of falls and injuries, particularly for seniors or individuals with limited mobility. Additionally, mattress manufacturers frequently incorporate non-slip materials into their products to enhance support and stability.


Our Solutions to Relieve Pressure

Best Pressure Care Mattress Australia

Are you looking for the best pressure care mattress in Australia? JB Medical has you covered. We designed our range of pressure care mattresses to offer superior pressure care performance while providing optimal comfort and support.

Our selection includes traditional foam mattresses, alternating pressure mattresses, and low air loss mattresses for maximum pressure relief. All models come with layered construction, which helps to reduce shear forces and improve circulation.

Choosing the right mattress can be challenging, so our team of experienced professionals are here to help. Get expert guidance to find the perfect pressure care mattress for your individual needs. Contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

An alternating air mattress replaces traditional pressure care mattresses and prevents pressure sores through weight redistribution using air pressure. Also, these systems are typically used in acute care settings.

Hiring a pressure care mattress is important for patients who need it temporarily, such as those recovering from surgery or injury.

The rental period for pressure care mattresses can vary depending on the provider, but it usually ranges from a few days to several weeks or months.

Pressure care mattresses are designed to address areas of the body that are particularly vulnerable to pressure sores, including the hips, shoulders, and heels. They may also be used to prevent pressure sores in other areas of the body.

Yes, there are pressure care mattresses available in a single size.