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JB Medical proudly offers Proximate alarm, a revolutionary fall prevention system specifically designed to safeguard vulnerable individuals in Australian healthcare settings. Our innovative Proxi-Mate technology empowers caregivers with real-time alerts, minimising the risk of falls and enabling prompt intervention.

Proximate Products

Enhance Patient Safety and Staff Efficiency with Proxi-Mate’s Early Detection System

Proxi-Mate goes beyond traditional alarms by employing advanced electronic proximity sensing. Instead of relying on pressure pads or floor mats, our sensors detect tiny changes in the electrical field surrounding the patient’s bed or chair. This translates to immediate alerts at the slightest attempt to mobilise unsupervised, offering a crucial advantage in fall prevention.

It isn’t just about safeguarding patients; it’s about empowering staff. The system’s immediate alerts streamline workflow, allowing caregivers to focus their attention on high-risk individuals at the exact moment they need it. This targeted approach reduces unnecessary checks and wasted time, freeing staff to deliver more personalised and attentive care. Ultimately, it fosters a safer, more efficient healthcare environment where both patients and caregivers can thrive. It reduces the risk of patient falls by providing an early detection alarming system.

Image presents Enhance Patient Safety and Staff Efficiency with Proxi-Mate’s Early Detection System

A Unique Approach to Fall Prevention

Unlike conventional alarms that react after a serious fall has already occurred, Proxy-Mate falls alarm act proactively, anticipating potential falls and providing crucial time to prevent injuries. Therefore, This proactive approach positions Proxi-Mate as a groundbreaking innovation in patient safety.

At JB Medical, we know that falls are the leading cause of injury among older adults, with over one in three experiencing a fall each year. These falls can have devastating consequences, both physically and emotionally. That’s why we’re proud to offer aadvanced Proxi-Mate technology like the Proxi-Mate Pro Nurse Call System and Proxi-Mate Wireless Bed Alarm.

Furthermore, backed by a team of dedicated experts who provide comprehensive training and ongoing support. We’re not just selling equipment; we’re partnering with healthcare professionals and families to create a safer, more secure environment for those they love. Don’t wait for a serious fall to happen. Get a free Proxi-Mate demo today to see how it can revolutionise patient safety in your facility.

Improved Care and Peace of Mind: The Benefits of Proxi-Mate Alarm

Proxi-Mate Alarm’s early detection system delivers a multitude of benefits:

  • Reduced fall risk: Early alerts enable immediate intervention, significantly reducing the likelihood of falls and associated injuries.
  • Enhanced staff efficiency: Caregivers can prioritise their attention based on real-time alerts, focusing on patients at immediate risk while attending to others with greater confidence.
  • Improved resident well-being: Proactive fall prevention fosters a safer environment, promoting peace of mind for residents and their families.
  • Streamlined data and insights: Optional data integration modules provide valuable insights into resident activity patterns, enabling personalised care plans and risk assessments.
Frequently Asked Questions

It is a fall prevention system that uses electronic proximity sensors to detect when a patient attempts to get out of bed or chair without assistance, triggering an alert for caregivers.

Proxi-Mate sensors detect subtle changes in the electrical field around the patient’s bed or chair. This early detection allows caregivers to intervene before a fall occurs.

Yes, Proxi-Mate sensors need to be installed around the patient’s bed or chair by qualified technicians.

It is designed for user-friendliness. Caregivers receive alerts through a central monitoring system or mobile devices, simplifying intervention and response.

JB Medical offers flexible purchase options, including outright purchase, rental, and leasing plans. Contact us to discuss the best option for your needs and budget.