Proximate Pro Nurse Call System

Reduces the risk of patient falls by providing an early detection alarming system.



  • Connects to existing nurse call system.
  • Can be programmed to duplicate existing nurse call pendant.
  • Can Operate Overhead Light (if fitted).
  • No need to carry an additional pager.
  • Audible Alarm (can be silenced).
  • 24hr ‘on board’ battery backup, fully automatic charging.
  • Configurable delay and repeat alarm times – special call patterns by request (to distinguish between sensor and pendant alarms).
  • Robust diecast aluminium enclosure.
  • 3000 ‘event log’ records date, time and nature of each event (access to last 100 events on front screen – remainder requires adaptor – available end 2012).
  • Simple to operate – 1 button in normal use.
  • Uses the same sensors as the Wireless System, easy to mix and match.

Proxi-Mate Pro Nurse Call Setup

  1. Connect sensor matt to the Proxi-Mate box.
  2. Connect Proxi-Mate box to a power supply in the wall.
  3. Press and hold ENTER to wake up from sleep mode. (The word “OFF” will now appear on the proximate box).
  4. Place bed sensor under the patient. N.B. Always place sensor matt under 1-2 layers of linen.
  5. Press, ENTER. (The word “On” will now appear on the proximate box).
  6. If bed sensor ALARMS, press ENTER once to turn off/reset.
  7. Cancel the nurse call.
  8. Reposition patient over bed sensor strap and press enter.(The word “On” will now appear on the proximate box).
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