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  • Designed for short-term use, vinyl gloves offer a cost-effective alternative to latex while providing an effective temporary barrier against biological contaminants.




    Progenics™ System Features

    • Examination gloves
    • Gloves are dispensed cuff first – reducing the risk of contamination by not touching the finger and palm areas of the glove
    • Fast and easy to use
    • Cost effective due to reduced waste as gloves are dispensed individually
    • Unused gloves cannot be reinserted into the box further reducing cross contamination
    • The acrylic wall mounted dispenser bracket keeps gloves away from contaminated surfaces and boxes are easily removed and replaced
    • Brackets are supplied in kits with screw fixings, double sided tape and mounting instructions.
    • Technical data sheets available
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Inspection Level AQL
Watertight Test G1
Major Defects G1
Dimensions S2
Physical Properties S2

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