Conni Pull-Ons Medium Carton (128 Pack)

The Conni Pull-Ons are full coverage, form-fitting briefs with thoughtful design. With complete bladder or bowel void protection, the cutting-edge fast-acting absorption core ensures that your active lifestyle won’t be disrupted. In actuality, life is too short to not live comfortably.

128 pull-ons overall, 8 packets per pack.


Size Waist
Medium 70 – 115cms 27” – 45”
Large 90 – 140cms 30” – 55”
Extra Large 120 – 170cms 48” – 67”
SKU: 4601-1-W-CTN
Category: Pull Ups Underwear

The Conni Story

Conni has been Australia’s most respected and well-known brand of reusable, machine-washable incontinence control products for more than 20 years. Our employees are based at our corporate office in Geelong, Australia, and we deliver to every Australian state and territory in addition to the rest of the world.

Conni promises to offer dependability and value. Since we care about incontinence, we promise to create cutting-edge products to meet the changing needs of our devoted customers.

We take pride in putting the needs of our customers first while holding the highest regard for our environmental beliefs.

Conni is Oeko-Tex standard 100 certified, and we make sure that our factories adhere to the highest standards for the well-being of our workers and the environment.

We are happy to be able to support you as you work to enhance your quality of life and control your incontinence.

How is the Conni Reminder Service operated?

After your initial purchase of certain Conni items, we will send you monthly email reminders for your convenience. This way, you won’t forget to order more when you need it the most.
These emails will include a link to a copy of your prior order, making it incredibly simple to place another order for the identical item!

Relax if you fail to receive our email. To make checking out simple, a text message will also be sent as a reminder using the same cart link.

Nothing needs to be done on your part. We will automatically send you a monthly reminder for a limited number of *Conni items.

Are the reminders no longer necessary? Not an issue. At the bottom and in the email’s body, there are buttons to unsubscribe.

*Available right now on our Conni Pull-on range

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