Fl180 Lifter With Standard 2-point Hanger Bar

The Human Care FL180 is a stable and flexible floor lift that can be used in all types of lifting situations. It allows lifting from high surfaces, such as a chair, bed, wheel- chair or commode, in addition to lifting from the floor. Easy to maneuver and transport, store and set up, the FL180 has everything you need in a floor lift. Its base can be adjusted electrically or manually for greater flexibility. The floor lift also has manual or electrical emergency lowering.

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Main Features:

Hanger Bars
Comes complete with 50cm/19.7” hanger bar. Optional small (70977) and medium (70978).

Upholstered Cover
Protects user from injury. Not for use in wet environments. Does not work with small (70979). Part no. 50866

Assorted sizes and models of Human Care slings can be used with this product.

Hand Control
Included with floor lift. Lift arm up/down, leg mast open/closed functions. Replacement Part no. 70974

LED indicator
Indicates low battery level and service requirement.

Emergency Stop
Cuts power to lift for emergency situations. Reset by turning counter clockwise.

Emergency Lowering
Manual or electric.

*Optional extras: Small or large hanger bars, upholstered hanger bar cover

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Product code: FL180

Electric leg spread

Robust construction & Lightweight at 32Kg.

Safe Working Load (SWL) is 180 Kg

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