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Providing comfortable and flexible therapy modes, the iCH series CPAP system with it’s stylish and attractive design is the perfect partner to support you and your prescribed treatment goals.
The integrated heated humidifier provides comfortable, quiet and reliable therapy and for people on the move, this CPAP therapy system is lightweight, compact and very sleek.
The iCH is a CPAP that doesn’t look like a CPAP; its elegant design allows you to place it anywhere in your home.
The launch of the iCH series CPAP by Apex introduces a modern and exciting concept: The Holistic Healthcare Formula

[Compliance]3 + [Elegance] = Lifestyle
Category: APEX CPAP
Clinically proven auto-adjusting algorithm*
PVA pressure relief function
SD card & USB port for efficacy data retrieval
Stylish, high-quality design
Ultra quiet operation
Small footprint including heated humidifier
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