Lumina Reve Series

Revolutionising patient care, our Lumina Reve Series of Hospital Beds is a beacon of innovation with its groundbreaking features. This bed goes beyond the conventional, offering a unique combination of adaptability and advanced functionalities, making it a preferred choice for a variety of medical settings, including intensive care units.



  • 272kg SWL
  • Extra low height of 250mm
  • Expandable surface width of 890mm to 1070mm and to 1220mm
  • Expandable surface length of 200mm
  • Patient weigh scale and nurse call with bed exit alarm*
  • Battery backup
  • Four adjustable split side rails
  • Central locking brake system
  • CPR release handles
  • Built-in controls on side rail and foot board*
  • Removable easy-clean mattress support platform cover plates for ease of maintenance

Secure Unmatched Patient Safety and Comfort with Lumina Reve Series Extra-Low Hospital Beds

Ensuring the well-being of your patients is paramount, and choosing the best hospital bed plays a crucial role. That’s where the Lumina Reve Series Extra-Low Hospital Beds shine. These innovative beds prioritise both exceptional patient safety and unwavering comfort, making them the ideal choice for a variety of healthcare settings.

Enhanced Safety from Ground Zero:

  • Ultra-low height: The Lumina Reve series boasts an impressively low height, minimising the risk of falls for patients at high risk. This is especially crucial for geriatric patients, children, and individuals with balance or mobility challenges.
  • Protective side rails: Integrated side rails offer an extra layer of security, preventing accidental rollovers or tumbles during sleep or moments of disorientation.
  • Optional alarms and sensors: Enhance safety further with optional bed exit alarms and pressure sensors that alert staff to potential patient needs.

Unleash the Power of Patient Independence with Lumina Reve

The Lumina Reve Series isn’t just a bed; it’s a catalyst for empowerment. Built with the highest safety standards, it fosters autonomy and control, boosting patient morale, accelerating rehabilitation, and reducing reliance on staff assistance. This translates to improved patient satisfaction, shorter hospital stays, and ultimately, a more efficient and cost-effective healthcare system.

Ready to unlock the full potential of patient independence? Explore the Lumina Reve Series in detail and discover how it can revolutionise your patient care approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Their extra-low design and built-in safety features, like padded side rails and emergency call buttons, make them ideal for elderly patients who require extra protection.

Yes! Their adjustable features and pressure-reducing mattress promote optimal positioning and comfort, which can lead to faster healing and shorter hospital stays.

Effortlessly! Electric controls allow for smooth and quiet adjustments, ensuring maximum comfort and convenience for both patients and caregivers.

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