Opal with NE7 pump (2022 release)

The Opal + NE7 Anti-Decubitus 8″ mattress replacement system allows the patient to immerse deeply into the cell without bottoming out. With cell in cell so that in case of power outage there is a fully inflated bottom layered air cushion that will protect the patient. 2-in-1 cell alternation in dynamic mode provides optimal pressure relief, care and comfort.
The ultra quiet & efficient (10L per min) NE7 pump is multi-functional – able to be connected to other mattresses with similar solenoid connectors. Integrated with latest technology – Auto Weight & Posture change sensors with Bluetooth app to control pump remotely and view cell pressures in ‘live’ mode. Features a LCD screen, Static & Care with dynamic modes, low pressure & power failure alarms.
Indicated for high pressure injury risk patients, this system has a huge range of features and benefits, making it more than a match in comparison with far more expensive systems.

Code: JBOPAL900 | Dimensions (Single): 200 x 87 x 20.5 cm
Code: JBOPAL1100 | Dimensions (King Single): 200 x 107 x 20.5 cm

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Product Benefits (Pump)
• Dynamic/Static/Care modes including (accept to re-write program to fits with your own mode’s character
• Leaking/power failure audible/visual alarm
• LED screen included
• Weight sensing included; pressure adjustable
• Posture sensing included (Auto-regulation of air pressure at lumbosacral areas)
• Pump with memory and erase memory function
• Panel control buttons, designed with smart keys
• Self-protection included (over pressure level or power over heat)
• Self-testing included
• Bluetooth device built in – Pressure mapping & Remote control features with app included
• Compressor output 10LPM
• Air distributor type: solenoid valves
• Pump connector site equipped reading slot to install program or reading pressure
• Suitable to apply all kind of air mattress from low risk to high risk

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Dimensions and weights
NE7 Pump:
27.5cm x 14cm x 20.5cm

Power input: 220v-240v AC

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