Power Pivot Frame – With Integrated Weigh Scale

The Allegro Concepts weigh scale option is a universal weighing module that is useful for patients requiring constant monitoring of weight for general wellbeing:
• 320kg SWL
• 100g graduations
• Tare function
• Kg / Lb conversion
• Suitable for yoke or pivot attachments
• Useful where weighing of patients is difficult due to the level of support required

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Allegro Concepts Hoist Accessories are designed and manufactured in Australia, with a view to providing healthcare facilities with customized patient transfer packages that meet the needs of each individual clients

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Powered patient positioning
• Monitor patient wellbeing No
• No loss of hoist lifting height
• 200kg SWL
• Controlled by hoist handset
• Use with pivot (white plastic clip and E’Clip attachment) slings
• Non-absorbent polyurethane padding

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Integrated Scale Options

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