Roami Progressive Mobility Walker, with Wheels, Charcoal

  • A sophisticated 4-in-1 progressive mobility aid, Roami can transition from being a walker, into a wheeled walker, into a stair assist, into a posture aligning aid all with just a simple adjustment. This innovative, all-in-one device progresses as the user does.
  • Roami’s claim to fame is its patented Cam-Lok mechanism which allows for a variety of different frame adjustments, so the device can be used to help align gait, to aid on sloping surfaces, or as a stair assist. This unique mechanism actually articulates the legs of the walking frame and adjusts the angle of the frame to allow use on uneven surfaces, like grass or gravel, or to function as a support on curbs and ramps.
  • Roami’s distinctive gait alignment function adjusts the angle of the walking frame for posture position correction and balance to help to keep the user in a more stable, upright position for walking.
  • Patented, retractable wheels make transition from a traditional walker to a wheeled walker happen on-the-fly with a touch of the toe on the spring-loaded pedal.
  • Users can take Roami with them on-the-go. It securely folds flat, making it easy to place in the car, tuck away at a restaurant, or store at home when not in use. And with an easy one-touch step, the device unfolds for quick use on-the-go.
  • This progressive mobility aid is a great choice for cognitively-sound elderly users, amputees, people in rehabilitation and recovery, veterans, and people with ailments that impair their balance, stability, or walking ability – so they all can live a life without limitations.
  • See Roami in action!

Roami: A 4-in-1 Walker, Posture/Gait Aligning Aid, Wheeled Walker & Stair Assist

Roami serves as a 4-in-1 progressive mobility aid.

  1. Walker: Begin with the wheels up for a sturdy walker which is excellent for your patients who are just beginning recovery after surgery and those looking for reliable support. The comfortable, ergonomic handles, and polycarbonate infused, non-slip feet help ensure a durable, safe walking experience.
  2. Posture and Gait Alignment Aid: Roami’s patented Cam-Lock easily adjusts the angle of the walking frame to help the user keep themselves upright and centered. This makes the user feel more secure as the device better supports balance and proper posture and gait. The angle helps keep users within the walker’s frame, making it ideal for users with Parkinson’s or others who need extra posture support.
  3. Wheeled Walker: Use the spring-loaded foot pedal to deploy the wheels. The walker turns into a mobile wheeled walker, ready for use by those in rehabilitation who are ready to walk longer distances at a faster pace. The simple pedal makes it easy to transition between the walker and wheeled walker as needed.
  4. Stair Assist: When the wheels are up, Roami can also be used as a stair assist due to its level-adjusting technology. Roami can be adjusted to use on the stairs, thresholds, or curbs, restoring independence for users who need help to access their homes. The safety buttons ensure that the frame remains locked until the user intends to adjust it. Your patients will learn that it’s quick and easy to adjust Roami, so they can use it for support as they climb the stairs.

This progressive mobility aid not only adapts to the user’s needs, providing a life without limitations, but also restores dignity with a stylish, trendy mobility aid!

Get the Answers to FAQ about Roami Progressive Mobility Aid

Who should use Roami?

Roami is the perfect companion for a variety of users. Because it is a 4-in-1 device, Roami is helpful for people who are recovering from injury or surgery that impacts their ability to walk independently. This single device can be utilised in different ways as the user regains strength, adapting to their increasing independence.

It is also safe for cognitively-sound elderly users who need support and is helpful for people with chronic ailments that impede their walking abilities. Roami adjusts to become the mobility tool your patients need for each specific day.

It’s a great mobility aid choice for amputees who need support while walking. Roami’s ability to help with gait alignment also makes it excellent for users who are challenged with balance issues, such as Parkinson’s patients.

Where can Roami be used?

Due to the on-the-fly capability to transition from walker to wheeled walker, Roami is designed for easy ambulation on a variety of surfaces/terrains. Use indoors on tile, carpet, and hardwood and outdoors on gravel, grass, and pavement. When the wheels are up, the Roami progressive mobility aid can be used to help the user go up and down stairs, curbs, slopes, and thresholds.

What makes Roami unique compared to a standard walker?

Roami is the first progressive mobility aid that can adapt to fit the needs of the user. It can easily be alternated between a walker and a wheeled walker, and used on steps and sloping surfaces. It can even help your patient with proper posture and vertical alignment. Roami is designed to help users live independently.

Why Clinicians Choose Roami for Their Patients

Physical therapist, Dr. Contreras, shares why he likes Roami:

“Finally, a mobility aid that fits the needs of a broad spectrum of individuals — from youth athletes to joint replacement patients to wounded warriors and veterans. The ability to have a walker that works on an incline, decline, and stairs will truly enable so many people to move throughout their homes and communities without the limitations experienced with a standard walker. You don’t have to leave it behind — it will traverse the terrain with you so whether at the top or bottom you will no longer need assistance to move independently.

“Roami breaks all of the negative stereotypes often associated with a walker/rollator. The numerous innovations and sleek design provide you with the ultimate mobility solution and preserves your independence with the confidence and dignity you deserve. You no longer have to avoid or limit your daily adventures due to overly challenging obstacles such as inclines, declines, and stairs. Welcome back to life without limitations.”

DR. ANDREW CONTRERAS, PT, DPT, SCS, CMTPT, LIEUTENANT COLONEL (RETIRED), US ARMY and the first full time physical therapist at the White House under the 2010-2017 administration.

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