Rtu-cm/bm Transmitter

Our JB Medical Wireless Transmitter (RTU) is an exclusive ID encoded RF

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It communicates directly with the Wireless Receiver Box (RRU)
or Dual Function Universal Call Point (UCPV5.1). This plug-and-play device
converts a sensor mat with hardwired connection to a cordless mat.
The Wireless Transmitter is available in 6.3mm plug and RJ12 connector. It is
designed to connect directly to floor mats, chair mats and bed mats.
Simply connect the Floor Mat Transmitter to the floor sensor mat. Then
program the Transmitter to RRU or Dual Function Call Point by following the
instructions printed on the RRU. The sensor mat will now trigger the call
point when activated within the transmitting area and alert your staff via
your nurse call system.

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• Box Dimensions: 43 x 41 x 12mm
• Connection: 6.3mm mono jack plug or
RJ12 connector
• No External Antenna
• LED low battery indicator
• Transmits up to 30m (line of sight)
• Uses a 3V battery-CR2032
• Frequency: 433.92MHz
• Warranty: 12 months

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