Self Propel Folding Mobile Shower Commode With Swingaway Footrest – 445mm

The AS/NZS 3973:2009 safety standards have been adhered to through independent testing of the product, providing users with reassurance and peace of mind. The product boasts a comfortable 3-strap backrest for seating, easy accessibility, and an integrated push-handle for effortless manoeuvring. Additionally, it includes swing-up arms for unobstructed side transfer and a swingaway and removable height-adjustable footrest. Two units of the product are included in the set.

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  • Independently tested for safety and reassurance, in compliance with AS/NZS 3973:2009.
  • With a focus on comfort and convenience, this back rest is equipped with three adjustable straps to provide effortless accessibility.
  • Push-handle incorporated for ease of maneuvering.
  • Arms that swing up to allow unobstructed lateral movement.
  • A height-adjustable footrest that can be quickly detached from the swingaway.
  • Two castors, both measuring 125mm, that fully lock.
  • Two pairs of 22-inch wheels equipped with both self-propelling capabilities and push-to-lock brakes.
  • Designed to be used in conjunction with K Care’s patented detachable seats.
  • Optional push rims are available as an additional feature.
  • Padding for the seat is not provided.
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Max User Weight 200 kg
Overall Width 630 mm
Overall Depth 1050 mm
Overall Height 1005 mm
Seat Width 445 mm
Seat Depth 430 mm
Floor To Seat Height 550 mm
Armrest Type Loop
Backrest Height 400 mm
Footrest Type Swing Away
Product Weight 15 kg
Brand K Care
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