Sertain™ Hilo Care Chair

Versatile in design and function, our Sertain HILO Care Chair is a popular choice for many wards including intensive care units. The HILO function of the chair is a nurse’s dream, allowing you to adjust the height of the chair to a position comfortable to assist the patient




  • Electric 4 function (seat-tilt, backrest, HiLo seat & legrest)
  • Auto layflat and auto chair function
  • Two-position swing-away head wings
  • Standard removable armrests with no meal tray provision
  • Deluxe legrest including a foldaway footplate
  • Standard push handle
  • High-Low range: 550-850mmH
  • Australian made

Elevate Patient Care with the SERTAIN™ HILO CARE CHAIR

The Setain™ Hilo Care Chair is a mobile electrically operated care chair designed to revolutionise patient mobility and comfort in healthcare settings. It is a popular choice for many wards including intensive care units, making it a trusted partner for nurses and caregivers seeking to mobilize critical care and trauma patients with ease and safety.

The Hilo chair’s true strength lies in its versatility. Its electric hi-low function allows for effortless height adjustments, enabling smooth transitions between bed, chair, and standing positions. This not only enhances patient care and comfort but also empowers nurses to provide optimal support while maintaining proper posture and reducing the risk of injury. Contact us today!

A Smart Choice for Your Facility

The Hilo Chair isn’t just a patient comfort champion, it’s a silent guardian of your facility’s bottom line. Its versatility tackles diverse needs, reducing reliance on specialised equipment. Electric adjustments streamline staff workflow, boosting efficiency and potentially shrinking labor costs.

And that’s not all. The Hilo Chair adheres to the highest safety standards, featuring a robust build that withstands rigorous use, minimising maintenance, and replacement expenses. Its pressure-reducing design can help prevent costly complications like pressure ulcers, potentially leading to shorter patient stays and improved revenue streams.

Invest in the Hilo Chair – it’s an investment in a healthier budget, a safer environment, and a happier future for both your patients and your facility. Visit our Facebook page for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sertain™ Hilo Care Chair is equipped with advanced features, including adjustable height and recline options, ensuring customised comfort for patients.

The chair is built with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.

Yes, the chair is versatile and can be used in hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, and home environments.

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