Bed Sensor Mat

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Our JB Medical provides a new and improved Australian designed pressure sensitive Premium Bed Sensor Mat, offering more comfort and less noise for the resident.

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This Wireless Bed Mat Sensor transmits a RF signal to the wireless receiver box (RRU) or UCP-V5.x once a resident/patient moves out of bed. With no cables going from the bed mat to the call point, it gives the flexibility of moving the bed around the room without the need to unplug cables or the hassle of extension cords.

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Bed mat
• Dimensions: 760mm X 510mm
• Connection: RJ11 on 500mm curly cord
• Electrical resistance < 500 Ohm
• White PVC, Thickness 12mm
• Warranty: 12 months
• Connection: RJ12 socket
• No External Antenna
• LED battery indicator
• Transmits up to 30m (line of sight)
• Frequency: 433.92MHz
• Uses a 3V battery-CR2032
• Warranty: 12 months

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