Call Point With Wireless Receiver

Our JB Medical The innovative Dual Function Call Point integrate
reliability, flexibility, cost saving and patient safety into
one product


Back plate is hardwired to the head-end so that it has loss
signal and it operates on input voltage between 12-
30VDC. The design complies with AS3811.
It can accept wireless and hardwired devices such as
pendant and fall prevention sensor mats.
Cost Saving
With the ability to accept 8 nurse call devices on one
single call point, stand-alone monitors are no required.
Patient Safety
With wireless transmitters, cables on the wall and floor
are non-existent. Patient/Resident living environment is
trip-hazard free.
Wiring Diagram is upon request only

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Australian Design
RCM Approved: AS/NZS6100.6.3.2
Anti-Bacterial Silicon Buttons
Wireless memory-5 Devices
Hardwired-3 Devices (using Y-cable)
Available with or without a 6.3 mm
Stereo Jack
Tactile Mechanical Switch with Silicon
Button Actuator
Input Supply: 12-30VDC
Permanent dim backlight, goes full
bright for reassurance
Optional Buttons:
Nurse Call – Green ( with Braille),
Assist-Yellow, Emergency-Red, CancelWhite
Selectable profile emulation: Latching;
Momentary and Dual Relay
Input Connectors:
RJ45 Socket or Terminal block
Bed Light On-Off Connection on the
Main Board
Selectable Pendant-Out alarm
Suits Standard Australian Electrical
Boxes and Mounting Enclosure

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