2-fold Floor Sensor Mat

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Our JB Medical provides a smart Australian designed 2-Fold Premium WIRELESS Floor Mat.

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The cordless floor mat is purposely designed for easier storage and trip-hazard free.
The transmitter is an exclusive ID encoded RF Transmitter which communicates with
the Wireless Receiver Box (RRU) or the Universal Call Point (UCPV5.1). It allows the
Floor mat to wirelessly transmit an alarm to the call point.
Simply connect the Transmitter to the floor sensor mat. Program the Transmitter to
RRU or Dual Function Call Point by following the instructions printed. The sensor mat
will now trigger the call point when activated within the transmitting area

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▪Australian Design
▪C-Tick Approved
▪Anti-Bacterial Silicon Buttons
▪Raised, Easy to Press Buttons
▪2 Buttons: White SUSPENSE,
White CANCELFloor mat
• Dimensions: 610mm X 1220mm X
6mm (2-Fold)
• Electrical Resistance < 100 Ohm
• Black PVC Yoga Pattern
• Non-slip bottom surface
• Operation Weight: 30-200kg
• Connection: 6.3mm Jack socket
• No External Antenna
• LED low battery indicator
• Transmits up to 30m (line of sight)
• Frequency: 433.92MHz
• Uses a 3V battery-CR2032 which will
last up to 12 months
• Warranty: 12 months.

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