Wireless Pendant On Lanyard

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This wireless waterproof pendant on a lanyard sends a RF Call Signal to the Paired Wireless Receiver Unit (RRU) or Wireless Call Point once a resident/patient presses the silicon button. Allowing the resident to call for assistance anywhere within the room and ensuite, it has up to 30m line of sight transmitting distance.
Simply plug the RRU into the Nurse Call Point pendant socket and pair the Wireless Pendant (instructions printed on the RRU). The pendant will now trigger the call point when activated within the transmitting area.

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• Weight: 22 gram
• Water Resistant – IP67
• Prolonged use in a spa, sauna,
steam or hydrotherapy area is NOT
• No External Antenna
• LED low battery indicator
• Transmits up to 30m (line of sight)
• Frequency: 433.92MHz
• Uses a 3V battery-CR2032
• Warranty: 12 months

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