Easy Grip Two Button

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The Easy Grip Two Button Nurse Call Pendant is better suited to fit in the palm of your hand and will allow the patient to grip the handle more easily. There are two buttons, one to call and the other to turn on a light. The big push call button is green and easy to see. The button that turns on the light is yellow. The pendant is backward compatible with most existing systems in the industry.

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  • Design for palm fit
  • Easy Grip
  • Plastic Pendant
  • Light weight design
  • Hard plastic body cover
  • 2 buttons: Green Call Button
  • Yellow Light Button
  • Cable length: 3 metres
  • Connector: 6.3mm Stereo Plug (right angle plug)
  • Fully molded jack socket
  • Cable Material: PVC UL2464
  • Approved, White
  • Pendant Material: ABS White
  • OPTIONS-MOQ applies
  • RJ12 or RCA Plugs
  • Curly Cord
  • Cord Length 5 metres
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