Bed Light Motion Sensor

Our JB Medical has an exclusive Wireless Motion Sensor Bed light for fall prevention.


This device is designed to safely guide your residents in the dark and activate your Nurse Call System by using it in conjunction with our Wireless Receiver. The device turns on the LED light automatically when it detects human motion, no matter what time of day or night. It even has a dimmer controller and a light timer.
Simply mount the LED strip under your bed or preferred location. The LED strip is 1.2 metres but it can also be cut to a length to suit whatever space is needed.
The very low energy consumption LED lights enable the residents to see their surroundings, therefore potentially preventing the residents from a fall. Depending on the timer setting of 30 sec, 130 sec, or 380 sec, the light will switch off automatically when no motion is detected.
The lights are mains powered so there are no batteries or recharging to worry about.
The residents can change the LED brightness from a soft flow to a warm bright light by using the dimmer controller.
Everything you need is included in the kit:

1 x Junction Box, 1 x PIR motion sensor, 1 x small Y Cable, 1 x large Y Cable, 1 x LED strip and 1 x DC power adaptor.

If required, we also have a Double Sensor Kit which will allow you to have two strips of lights, one for each side of the bed, along with two sensors and a mains power supply.

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•Dimmable Switch
•Timer Setting: 30 seconds, 130 seconds, 380 seconds
•Single Kit: 45 LEDs – 1.2 metre
•Last up to 100,000 lighting hours
•Wireless Device to use with our Wireless Receiver (RRU

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