Mini Sensor Pad

Our JB Medical provides a Wireless Mini Sensor Pad which has a number of uses.

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Small in size and with Velcro affixed tabs to fit around the wrist this mini pad is great for anyone with limited movement. It only requires gentle pressure and can be placed within reach of any part of the body that can place enough pressure on the pad. As it is wireless it can be moved to wherever the resident is within the room. It can also be used to notify when a resident sits down on the toilet. It is an economical solution for those with less dexterity to be able to call for assistance.
For more information about our Mini Pad Sensor (RTU) please see the Data Sheet

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• Dimensions: 11cm x 6cm
• Velcro tabs to attach pad around
wrist etc
• White PVC thickness 0.06cm
• Cord length 1.42m
• Usage Record on back of pad
• Easy Clean
• Warranty: 12 months

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