Birdie Evo Xplus

Our latest product, the Birdie EVO, has been developed to provide a comprehensive range of features that incorporate the latest technologies to ensure maximum comfort and security when transferring patients to and from a bed, chair or even the floor.

Building on the success of our renowned Birdie range, the Birdie EVO has been designed with customer input, retaining all the features that were valued in the Birdie, while introducing new enhancements to improve the experience for both clients and carers.

The Birdie EVO features an ergonomic lift that enables easy 360° rotation of the client, making positioning simpler for the carer and reducing stress for the client.

With a high boom, the hoist provides ample space for the client, even in its highest position, and the optimised space in front of the actuator minimises the risk of injury to the client’s knees.



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